All decisions and actions are based on the precept that twirling is a TRUE SPORT. The principles and priorities are defined as:

.Fair competitive structure
.Availability of recreational avenues
.Safety of the athlete
.Proper development of the athlete and professional through systemized teaching and testing programs    based on the logical progression of skills, all of which serve every segment of the twirling community

USTA is committed to supporting the goals and philosophies of the World Baton Twirling Federation (WBTF).

USTA is dedicated to nurturing the science of baton twirling through research and development.

USTA recognizes and accepts the responsibility to initiate and lead through an emphasis on the development of innovative, challenging new programs.

USTA seeks harmonious alliances with other twirling and sport organizations.

USTA’s business/administrative sector is structured to support and provide avenues and opportunities for growth and expansion.

USTA ascribes to and supports the concept that high ethical and behavioral standards for athletes and professionals is vital to the proper psychological and social development of the individual, creating a safe and healthy environment in which to participate and which fosters growth, pride and respect.

USTA understands, acknowledges and pledges to provide each athlete with the following unqualified rights:

.Right to participate at a level commensurate with the athlete’s maturity and ability
.Right to have ethical and qualified adult leadership
.Right to participate in a safe and healthy environment
.Right to proper preparation and training
.Right to equal opportunity to strive for success and reach her/his own unique potential
.Right to be treated with dignity and respect
.Right to have fun in our sport

USTA ascribes to the concept that setting and maintaining high standards of achievement is necessary in order to sustain the environment that supports, aids, guides and fosters excellence and creativity.

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