.The United States Twirling Association (USTA) provides opportunities for members and supporters to     participate in the sport of baton twirling at all recreational and competitive levels.


.USTA, as a member of the World Baton Twirling Federation (WBTF), is committed to the promoting the    sport of baton twirling through recreational avenues, educational opportunities and a fair competitive    structure.

.USTA is dedicated to promoting excellence and service to its members and supporters by providing    opportunities to participate in the sport of baton twirling at local, national and international levels.


.Membership Support - USTA values its members and will strive to provide the best possible member    services at all level.

.Membership Recruitment - USTA believes that the benefits of health, recreation and competition should    be available to everyone through baton twirling. USTA will strive to expand its membership in order to    share these benefits with its members and supporters.

.Promotion of the sport - USTA will promote the numerous benefits of baton twirling to continue    developing strong participation.

.Competitive Success - USTA will strive to maintain the United States’ position as one of the leading    baton twirling countries in the world. Success at the elite levels has a positive influence on every other    facet of our sport.

.Sponsors and Supporters - USTA values its relationship with sponsors and supporters and
    will continue to maximize exposure to their products and services by members and supporters
    of our sport.

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