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International Cup Competition

The World Baton Twirling Federation (WBTF) International Cup Competition gives athletes the opportunity to represent their countries, compete on an international level, and experience both the pressures and the benefits of international travel and competition.

To participate in the International Cup, athletes must qualify through their countries’ qualifying process. In the United States, athletes must qualify at the U.S. National Baton Twirling Championships a full year before each International Cup Competition is held. The commitment is lengthy, the demands are great, but the rewards are greater still.

The International Cup Competition offers three levels of competition, Elite, A and B, giving athletes the opportunity to compete with similarly-skilled athletes. However, US athletes only participate at the Elite and A levels and must achieve a minimum score.  Please see the important note below.  International Cup athletes have the opportunity to win international titles in events including Solo, 2-Baton, 3-Baton, Artistic Twirl, Artistic Pairs, Teams and Groups.

The International Cup Competition was established by the WBTF in 2005 to provide more opportunity for international competition, to build twirling in developing countries, and to move twirling toward acceptance as an Olympic sport. It is hosted by WBTF member countries in early August of odd-numbered years. 

Learn more about the International Cup Competition in the International Cup Manual.

Important Note: International Cup Level B has been eliminated in the US

The International Cup Competition was designed to create an avenue for smaller countries to gain experience and success on the international level. Larger countries, such as Japan, do not send B level athletes to this competition for that reason. Therefore, in the spirit of fair play and good sportsmanship, to protect the integrity of USTA’s international participation, and to correctly nurture the developmental growth of our athletes at all levels,  the Board of Directors has approved the following proposal:

As of September 1, 2011, Level B events will be not be offered and only A and Elite level athletes will represent the USA at the International Cup competition.