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How to become a USTA Coach

Level I Certified Coach Open to anyone 16 or older. Testing required. Level I is designed for the coach who teaches classes at the beginner level, for either recreational or competitive athletes. The Coach Level I Seminar covers coaching theories, methods and techniques and provides a foundation for the Level II Coach Seminar.

To become a Level I Certified Coach, you may attend a Level I Coach Seminar OR complete the Coach Level I Home Study. In either case, you must complete the Coach Level I exam, which is an open book test. For those who attend a Coach Level I Seminar, the same exam will be administered.

Level I Home Study Instructions:

.Download the FREE Coach Level I Manual which is also available by going to Knowledge Central>Resources>Manuals.
.Order the Coach Level I Home Study Test which is also available by going to Shop>Coach and Judge Materials.

Note: The Coach Level I Manual is not necessarily the only resource you will need to complete the Coach Level I Home Study Test.  Some additional resources may be necessary, including  the USTA Compulsory Descriptions and DVD and the USTA Movement Technique Descriptions and DVD. You can access the USTA Compulsory and Movement Technique written descriptions by logging into Members Only, then clicking Documents in the left-hand menu, then on CAS. You can purchase the USTA Compulsory and Movement Technique DVDs by going to Shop>Training DVDs.

.Complete the Coach Level I test.
Note: USTA professional dues must be paid to USTA Member Services Department before ordering the test and before test results are released. Mail USTA Membership form (available at and dues to USTA Member Services Department.
Level II Certified Coach Open to any Level I Certified Coach. No testing required. Level II is designed for the coach who teaches recreational through elite level athletes and wishes to expand his or her knowledge of coaching theories, methods and techniques. To become a Level II Certified Coach, you must be a Certified Level I Coach and you must attend a Level II Coaches Seminar (12 hours) in one of the following segments:
.Solo, 2 and 3 Baton
.Strut and Dance Twirl

Objectives of the Level II Seminars are as follows:

.To provide a positive, logical, and progressive learning environment from Level I to Level II.
.To provide coaches with valuable information and resources to produce an effective twirling program.
.To provide continuing instruction in USTA Competitive/Achievement System at A and AA levels in both Compulsories and Movement Technique.

For more information about becoming a USTA coach, contact the USTA Coaches Department at

For information about attending or hosting a Level I or Level II Coaches Seminar, please contact USTA Member Services at or 321-206-3242.