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USTA unveils Athlete of the Year event( Tue, Dec 8 00:12:AM)


Athletes of all levels are invited to participate in an exciting new, all-around event starting in 2021!

The Athlete of the Year event will give Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced athletes the opportunity to compete in Solo, Strut and 2-Baton, as well as an essay question for Beg. and Int. athletes and an interview for Adv. athletes.

“This all-around event will give our athletes a new challenge and a new opportunity to shine,” said USTA President Karen Cammer. “This event will recognize well-rounded athletes who have a broad base of skills and excel not just in twirling, but also in written and verbal communications. The Athlete of the Year event will set our twirlers up for success in both athletics and in life.”

The Athlete of the Year competition will begin at the regional level. Athletes must compete in the region where they reside. An athlete’s level in Solo determines which division (Beg., Int. or Adv.) they enter. At each of USTA’s five regional championships, there will be one round of competition in Solo, 2-Baton and Strut. Based on combined scores, the top three athletes in each division (Beg., Int. and Adv.) will qualify for the national Athlete of the Year competition, which will be held during the U.S. National Baton Twirling Championships in Daytona Beach, Florida.

At the national level, qualifying athletes will again compete in Solo, 2-Baton and Strut. In addition, Beg. and Int. athletes will complete an essay question (which will be provided in advance), while Adv. athletes will compete in an in-person interview. The Beg., Int. and Adv. Athlete of the Year will receive a custom jacket and a trophy or medallion.

Entry forms for the Regional Athlete of the Year competition are online only and will be available on USTA’s website in early 2021. More information about this exciting new event is available in the Athlete of the Year Rules and Information Booklet