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Results of 2020 Board of Directors election - Round 2( Thu, Mar 19 00:03:AM)


Thank you to the USTA Professional members who participated in our democratic process and exercised their right to vote in Round 2 of the Board of Directors election.

Congratulations to the following candidate who was elected as the At Large representative in Round 2:
    At Large - Jennifer Marcus Schwartz

Additional detail on the results of Round 2, including the number of votes received by each candidate, are available here.

Marcus Schwartz joins Jonathan Burkin, who was elected to the board in Round 1, and Thomas Breuckman and Jason Lee, who were re-elected to the board in Round 1, and current board members Karen Cammer, John Chamberlain and Sheri Carter. 

Congratulations to all of the candidates who ran, and thanks to all of the Professional members who voted!

USTA Election Committee:
John Chamberlain, Chair,
Karen Cammer,
Sheri Carter,