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Please help Puerto Rico twirling families in need( Mon, Oct 16 00:10:AM)




Please help Puerto Rico twirling families in need

Dear Baton Twirling Colleagues and Friends Everywhere, 

As most of you know, Puerto Rico is really suffering from Hurricane Maria. I have been in touch with some of the coaches there who have contacted me when it is possible for them to find a hotspot via Facebook Messenger. The majority of our "twirling family" in Puerto Rico does not live in the metropolitan area of San Juan. They are scattered throughout the island and many live in areas that were hit extremely hard. They are living without electricity and drinking water. The supplies that have come into San Juan are not getting out to the rest of the country because many of the roads are destroyed. It is becoming a humanitarian crisis.  

One of our coaches from Puerto Rico told me she stood in line for 3 hours to buy 32 bottles of 16 oz. water. They only allowed one case per customer. 

Her father has a generator they operate for about 4 hours during the night so they can sleep a little bit. They cannot find supplies like batteries for flashlights so when the sun sets it is dark until morning. They cannot find insect repellent to help protect themselves from the mosquitos and that is scary in Puerto Rico. Infections are becoming a huge concern. She told me that was holding on to the money she had instead of going to the pharmacy to pick up her own medication for rheumatoid arthritis in case her 3 year old becomes ill. The list of terrible things I've been told and the images I have seen are endless. 

A short video is included below that one of our twirlers, Yessinia Negron from Puerto Rico took showing some good Samaritans from San Juan who went to her town where several of our twirling families live to take them some drinking water.

The WBTF and the USTA want to help our twirling families in Puerto Rico. A "GoFundMe" account has been set up to help.  We are asking our member twirling federations and twirling families everywhere to please help.  Some of our Puerto Rican twirling families do not even have a roof over their head. 

Supplies would be better to send, of course, but that seems hopeless right now in being able to get them to the right place.

This really is a dire situation.  All you need is a PayPal account or Credit Card to make a contribution. Please help by making a donation to this worthy cause by clicking on the link below.

Thank you, 

Sandi Wiemers