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Important Changes from USTA and WBTF( Sat, Oct 22 00:10:AM)

Important changes from USTA and WBTF

The Technical Advisory Group (TAG) is pleased to announce important changes from both the USTA and WBTF that affect our sport. Many of the following items are associated with penalties so PLEASE read carefully!

The updated WBTF International Cup Manual is posted on in Members Only>Documents>Manuals or International Cup.

International Cup Video Applications

After much discussion and thought, the Technical Advisory Group determined that the video application process for open spots with the International Cup Team is suspended. Though the video submissions were successful in filling available spots on the team, the process is not ideal because individuals/pairs/team/groups are placed into openings at levels different than their true ability levels. In addition, it was easily viewed as a financial incentive rather than truly competitive discrimination deciding these positions.

The official name of “groups” is now “ARTISTIC GROUPS”

The Total Score of all captions is flashed for the WBTF Artistic Group event plus the drop penalties and content restrictions penalties are displayed by the penalty judges (in different colors).


ATTENTION: The chainé turn is in the same classification as spin.  Ex. Single chainé turn = 1 spin; double chainé turn = 2 spins. 

Boundaries for Artistic Twirl and Artistic Pairs:

Floor Set Up – Artistic Twirl and Artistic Pair Events:

*    In Artistic Twirl & Artistic Pair, a lane (performance area) shall be 39.5 feet (12 meters) across x 19 feet (6.0 meters) deep.  The number of lanes will divide the floor into four (4) performance areas.

*    Two tables must stay on the competition floor and two tables should stay outside the competition floor.
*    Carpet or approved floor tape should be placed on the floor to mark the safe area. The horizontal marking should use carpet 39.5 ft or 28m in length and 9.5 ft or 3m in width. The vertical marking should use carpet 50 ft or 15m in length and 3 ft or 1m in width.
*    A penalty of 0.1 will be deducted every time the athlete(s) leave the safe area (touch the carpet with one/two feet).

See this document for diagram.

Floor Set Up –Team & Artistic Group:

*    Competition floor shall be clear and empty.
*    Judges shall be seated in the stands.
*    The Music Coordinator and Announcer shall be seated in an area off the competition floor with an unobstructed view of the floor.
*     During competition, a marker approved by the facility (e.g. tape, pylon) shall be used to designate the floor boundaries in each corner and the center of competition floor shall be marked.


Penalty for leaving the floor early:

*    Other Penalty for Solo, 2-Baton, 3-Baton, Artistic Twirl & Artistic Pair Events
Any athlete(s) leaving the floor, before the end of the music has been reached (for reasons other than illness, first aid, music and costume problems*) = .2 pts (deducted from each judge’s score).

DISQUALIFICATION: Any athlete(s) leaving the floor, before or after the end of the music has been reached due to an unsportsmanlike attitude of disgust, anger, disappointment, unprofessionalism, etc., is cause for DISQUALIFICATION (NO score). The assessment of the judges panel as to which type of departure is taken should be their decision.


PROTESTS / APPEALS (Applies to IC, WC, Continental Level Cups, Trials and PreTrials):

POLICY/PROTOCOL FOR CORRECTING MISTAKES MADE IN ANNOUNCING AND AWARDING OF WRONG ATHLETE:   (How to correct and award the correct athlete, how to stage re-presentation, how to correct award picture.) 

(This policy is in effect for the World Championships, International Cup, along with all Continental Level Cups and Championships.)     Summer Meeting August 2016

1.  Judges decisions are considered final and their scores cannot be appealed.

The exception is penalties. 

Penalties incorrectly assessed for drops and/or content restrictions may be challenged ONLY if the appeal is submitted to the technical director within the 30 minutes following the announcement that the results have been posted and before the next round of competition is to take place or before the final placements are announced at awards ceremonies.

An appeal must be submitted by an official delegate of the Federation (for
example: Technical Advisor, Judges Representative, or President).

Appeal of an incorrectly assessed drop penalty or content restriction involves the technical director and judge’s chair ability to review an officially sanctioned video which clearly displays the error. 

It should be noted that two judges are to be used to assess drop penalties for Team and Artistic Group.  If the number of drops assessed differs between the two judges the average number is taken and will be rounded up to the next whole number.   
For example:  Penalty Judge # 1 assesses 4 drops
                       Penalty Judge # 2 assesses 3 drops
                       The average of 3.5 is rounded up to 4 drops     

In an effort to help correct penalties incorrectly assessed in error in a timely manner, the penalty judges will display the penalties immediately following the performance.  Drop penalties will be displayed in Red and Content Restrictions will be displayed in Green.   

It should also be noted that incorrectly assessed penalties “missed” may be appealed (not just penalties taken in error). 

All tabulated results are considered final 48 hours after the close of the   competition.

Errors in tabulation or score calculation identified within the immediate timeframe of the competition are to be reported to the competition organizers, who will investigate and correct immediately as necessary. 

In this case, to officially correct an error, the following procedure should be implemented:
•    Have all competitors in the category/age division who placed report to the competition director with their medallions.
•    Explain the error to the competitors, award ceremony coordinator, and announcer.
•    Schedule, as quickly as possible, a public corrected awards presentation of the division
•    An official picture of the corrected final placement is taken for historical documentation.   
•    In the event all competitors cannot be contacted and/or present for a publicly corrected awards presentation for the division, the process stated below will take place:  
o    The corrected placements will be announced.
o    The official photographer will need to “photoshop” the official picture with the athletes standing in their proper final placement.


1.    The Appeals Committee shall be chaired by the President of the Federation.
2.    The President shall appoint two (2) members of the elected Executive Board of the Federation, one of which may be the Vice President.